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Why does The Arc of Greater Beaumont exist?


To create possibilities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to grow, learn, and live.

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be able to become an integral and valuable member of the community.

Inclusion: The Arc believes that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities belong in the community and have fundamental moral, civil, and constitutional rights to be fully included and actively participate in all aspects of society, as an equal.

Advocacy: The Arc believes in self-advocacy and self-determination. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with appropriate resources and supports, can make decisions about their own lives and must be defined by their own strengths, abilities, and inherent value, not by their disability.

Education: The Arc believes that the community should be educated and be aware of the abilities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The Arc believes that through knowledge and understanding comes acceptance and value.

The Arc of Greater Beaumont’s programs and services  serve the organization’s mission while staying true to it’s values and vision for the community.

We’re Proud to be affiliated with The Arc of the United States and The Arc of Texas:

The Arc is people – people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), parents and other family members, and friends of people with IDD and professionals who work with them. The Arc is a grassroots organization with 140,000 members who are affiliated through approximately 1,000 state and local chapters across the nation.

At the national level, a 24-member national board of directors and a delegate body of representatives from each chapter guide The Arc’s work. National headquarters staff located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Bedford, Texas and Washington, DC carry out their decisions and directives.

The Arc works to ensure that the estimated 7.2 million Americans with IDD have the services and supports they need to grow, develop and live in communities across the nation. These services include early intervention, health care, a free appropriate public education and supports for their families.

For adults, services and supports may include preparation for employment, help in finding a job, independent living skill training, leisure and recreation activities and any other supports they need.

The Arc also exists because people with IDD need help to ensure that their rights as citizens of this country are protected, and they are supported to live as they choose.

Finally, The Arc advocates for research and support educational opportunities for our community to learn about the causes and the effects of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Greater Beaumont’s member, Holly, shares why The Arc is important to her.


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