Children & Family Services

The Arc offers the following programs and services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families:

Down Syndrome Family Group

A group designed to provide a social support group for families of children with Down Syndrome. The groups mission is to provide a social/support group for families of children with Down Syndrome. The group was created as a way for families to get together to socialize their children and share knowledge, resources, and experiences.

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Autism Support Group

A group designed to provide a social and educational support group for parents educators and professions who have an interest in support services for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Summer Day Camps

The Arc Summer Day Camp addresses the need for stimulating summer activities for children ages 5 to 12 with intellectual and developmental disabilities or related conditions (i.e.-autism).  The Arc Summer Day Camp works to ensure participants receive continued education and support while not in school.  Participants will enjoy a week full of fun recreational and educational activities. Campers enjoy activities including, but not limited to, volleyball, bowling, swimming, basketball, soccer, baseball. Camp counselors are all experienced teachers and paraprofessionals who have worked with kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Visual supports will be provided to help with daily schedules, transitions, and basic routines and expectations.  We will provide sensory stimulation toys and activities to help enhance your child’s development.

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Summer Education Grants

The purpose of the Summer Education Grant is to provide assistance to parents and guardians of children with IDD to continue education and development. It is to benefit those students not eligible to receive the service through an extended year program provided by the school.

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Information & Referalls

How do I get my child on the “waiting list”? What is the waiting list?  How can I advocate for my child and their rights?  What programs and services are available for me and my child?

These are just a few questions a parent may have.  The Arc of Greater Beaumont wants to help you.  We  have put together a large selection of online resources available to parents.  You can also call us at (409)838-9012 with any questions you may have.

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