How to Start Looking for a Job

It is often scary to think about looking for a job.  When you first start looking for a job ask yourself some questions:

1. What do I like/What don’t I like?
Examples: I like being outdoors, I like being around people, I like working on tasks alone, I like working on tasks with other people, I like being alone, I like being around other people

2. What skills do I have?
Examples: I am good with people, I am good with computers, I am good at Arts and Crafts, I can pick up heavy things, I can mow lawns, I can clean, I can cook.

3. What type of job do I want?

Examples: I want to work outside, I want to work indoors, I want to work directly with people, I want to work by myself.

4. What hours can/do I want to work?

Once you have thought about these